Car Detailing Katy, TX

Intense Paint Perfection does not cut corners, no matter how big or small the job is. We promise to always provide you with quality work & a great customer experience.

car detailing, auto detailing

Auto Detailing Katy, TX

Maintenance Washes for Ceramic Coated Vehicles

Even after having your car coated, we understand it can be hard to keep your car clean because life gets in the way. This service is designed for customers that want to keep their coated car clean all the time!

car detailing, auto detailing

Interior Car Detailing Katy, TX

Interior Maintenance Car Detailing

We offer maintenance detailing for our customers that have had our interior protective services.


Car Polishing Katy, TX

Restore Your Paint's GLOSS with Paint Correction.

Have a custom color and want it to pop? Our paint correction packages can help you enhance your vehicles paint and remove imperfections like:


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